A simple question. But do you have an answer?
Can you describe what it is that you love most right now?
For me, it’s working with energy. The kind of energy that grabs you and doesn’t let go: the explosive actions of athletes during
competition, the passion of entrepreneurs talking about their business, the unique feelings you experience on outdoor adventures…
That’s what I love to work with, and what’s interesting to watch. Energy. Emotions. Raw experience. Real stories.
In my eyes, an amazing film – be it a commercial, event recap, documentary or something else – isn’t just a recording of events
or a series of static shots. It’s a dynamic story; a presentation full of movement, energy, a little tension and the right atmosphere.
But why should I try to convince you with words when film can say so much more?
So just keep scrolling, get to know my business and check out my work!