One Day in Prague

// Right. It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post, mainly because a lot has happened. I moved homes, moved offices and meanwhile have been working 70-80 hours a week for 3 months straight. I also broke an arm while riding my bike, which resulted in a bit of mandatory down time and not being able to pick up a camera for a weeks or two. Not ideal. The benefit however was that I finally found time to work on some personal projects…

I often feel this urge to do something with the ideas I have for all kinds of videos. What I mean with that is, even though the work I do for clients is very rewarding, it’s not rewarding enough. I don’t wanna sound unthankful or arrogant, because I’m not, it’s just that client work rarely allows for complete creative freedom. And I do need that, I need projects that are totally, completely, 100% my own. Projects that allow me to do whatever I want, to experiment with new styles and techniques and to explore previously unknown genres.

I need projects that are totally, completely, 100% my own. Projects that allow me to do whatever I want, for me, and for the sake of creativity.

One of the ideas that has been on my mind for a long time was creating a video about a city. Now I could just have picked my home town or Amsterdam or another Dutch city, but that’s not very exciting is it? Luckily, the perfect opportunity layed itself out last summer while I was in the Czech Republic to film for The perfect city for a project like this.



I’d heard a lot about Prague and its beautiful old town already and was pretty eager to see it with my own eyes. On top of that I just bought a DJI Ronin-M electronic gimbal stabilizer that I wanted to get more run time with. The resulting video is far from perfect, but that’s okay, it was an experiment after all. I had a lot of fun, learned some things too, and hope you enjoy the result.

And if you get the chance, go there one day. It’s a remarkable place.