Cycling is coming home

3-part campaign for Specialized Bicycles




In December 2015 Specialized Bicycles and S-Bikes opened a new flagship concept store in Geraardsbergen, Belgium. For any real cycling fan, Geraardsbergen is an almost mythical place: it is here where the most heroic road racing battles were fought, on the famous ‘wall’ of cobble stones. Now, after a lot of secret planning S-Bikes owner, Sven van Weyenberg can say he owns one of the most spectacular cycling stores in Europe, on one of the most iconic locations of the sport.

Together with Specialized’s European headquarters I worked on a series of three videos that 1. teases the public about an upcoming big event, 2. tells the story of the people behind the store and teases them a bit more, and 3. shows the complete retail experience that the finished store has to offer.

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