Media Markt

10 years Media Markt Zoetermeer

I was approached by Media Markt’s store in Zoetermeer to create a web commercial to celebrate their 10-year anniversary. Media Markt is one of the biggest consumer electronic stores in the Netherlands and thus one of the wishes the client had was that we’d show as many products the store has on offer in a realistic way. After a brainstorm session with the marketing department we created a story that 1) showed the store, 2) showed the products, 3) used humor and 4) communicated a clear message to the customer, while maintaining true to the typical video style that Media Markt uses in all its commercials.

It’s not only a real store we filmed in, it’s also real employees of that store that star in the video. Media Markt stores are open every day of the week and because we used employees and not paid actors, we couldn’t shoot at night either. So we shot the entire thing in just 4 hours on an early sunday morning. All that’s happening in the commercial looks like complete chaos, but it’s choreographed chaos. And thanks to meticulous planning, a tight schedule and an amazing production assistant (thanks again Krystel) we pulled it off.

Client – Media Markt Zoetermeer