Specialized Women

Ambassadors film series (Dutch)

Together with Specialized Bicycles I created a series of short films for their Your Ride, Your Rules campaign. Each of the videos portraits one of the Specialized Women Ambassadors the brand has in the Netherlands and shows how they combine cycling, work and family in their lives. To emphasize both the differences and similarities between cycling and the rest of their lives, we used a series of split screen shots to start and end the videos with. Every person is different of course, so every story is too. Jitte’s special relation with her daughter is what really caught our attention, as did Fieke’s drive to help other women start riding bikes and take everything out of it. Esther’s day-to-day job is working on the dykes and waterways that she rides through too and Manon is definitely the most competitive rider of the bunch. Jitte’s video was also used for other countries so this is subtitled, the rest is Dutch spoken only.

Client – Specialized Europe BV