Thank You, Bicycle

For some time now, I wanted to put together something personal, something that really links filmmaking and the sport that brought me so much in life: riding bikes. When I finally knew how exactly this film had to look and the fact that my company celebrated its three-year anniversary seemed like the perfect moment to look back and go back to my roots if you like. All footage is archive footage from the past five years of myself and of some of the people I met through my cycling adventures.

This video went viral upon its publication early march 2015, with features on every major mountain biking site on the web, over 300.000 views in the first week and many hundreds of shares, tweets and enthusiastic comments. As of june 2015 it has reached half a million views and has been displayed on the following film festivals as part of the official selection: Sportfilmfestival Rotterdam  /  Dutch Mountain Film Festival  /  Children’s Hospital Colorado Benefit Flim Festival  /  Odyssey Cinemas, Belfast, UK

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