Mavic Trans-Provence

Daily videos of the epic mountain bike race


Since 2009 the Trans-Provence is one of the world’s most adventurous mountain bike races. Taking place in the Southern French Alps every year, the event has grown from a small event to a world-renowned race that attracts pros and enthusiasts from all over the world. And although there is a very serious attitude towards the race in the pro category, many riders sign up just for the adventure and an camaraderie atmosphere that can’t be matched anywhere else.

I was first brought onto the media team in 2014 as part of the camera crew, following the riders through the mountains every day to film them for the daily videos. In 2015 I was asked to be the editor for the official videos, also directing three people (two cameramen riding the trails and a drone pilot), doing the main interviews with riders and doing additional filming on the trail. And of course editing every day’s footage (sometimes as much as 500 individual clips) into highlights videos and uploading them before midnight. It’s a bit of a challenge as 18-hour work days and 5-hour nights are the average for 7 days straight, but the results and enthusiastic comments from everyone make it well worth it.

For 2015’s event I created a total of 10 videos, above is a selection of my favorites.

Client: Mavic Trans-Provence