Vintake Wijn op Maat

Web Commercial / Image Film (Dutch)


Olaf and Freek, good friends and business partners, are both crazy about wine. So much in fact that, after both separate and shared careers in the hospitality business, they decided to pursue their dreams and make wine their full time job. Thus Vintake Wijn op Maat (the latter three words of which loosely translate into “made to measures”) was born.

Vintake’s concept is unique in the Dutch wine business: the company doesn’t have stock they’ll try to sell you, but just a vast network of possible suppliers. Combine this with a huge amount of knowlegde and experience, and something special is born. Vintake’s core concept is easy: find out what the customer likes and come up with a better alternative. Whatever the budget, whatever the taste, whatever the grape, these guys guarantee you they’ll come up with something tastier than what you already know. Wine. Fully personalized.

Olaf and Freek asked me to create a web commercial for their company, with one wish: I could (or had to) go crazy in terms of creativity. Yes, it had to show potential customers what the company does and stands for, but apart from that it was wide open. Thus came the jokes, drones, baseball bats and slow-motion cameras, which all resulted in the film you see above. We had lots of fun creating this and I hope it translates into the final film, enjoy!


Client – Vintake Wijn op Maat